Our Story

Get a taste of Donut Tyme’s epic tale:

Serving up smiles for more than three decades! Back in 1989, Mr. Ali K. had a sweet vision: create a heavenly haven for donut lovers and treat them like royalty. He made it happen by sourcing only the most primo ingredients and hiring bakers with top-tier skills and over three decades of know-how. His golden rule? Fresh donuts, all day, every day! That’s why they’ve got a team of four bakers churning out delicious donuts 24/7. And the cherry on top? The dining area stays open all day, every day, so you can indulge in a  hot cup of coffee and your favorite donuts anytime you darn well please!


Our Vision at Donut Tyme: Exceptional Customer Service and Fresh, Delicious Donuts Every Day, all day and night

At donutTyme, we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service possible, 24/7/365. We guarantee that no matter what time of day or night you visit our shop, you’ll always be greeted with the aroma of fresh donuts and hot coffee, as well as the flavor of warm, mouth-watering donuts.


Spreading Happiness

For over 30 years, our donut shop has been putting smiles on people’s faces. It brings us great pride to see the love our local community has for us. There’s something so special about seeing families come together for a delicious cup of coffee and a warm donut. Knowing that we’ve played a small part in creating these happy memories is truly heartwarming.